doors seattle 4th ave

What are available interior doors Seattle based?

Interior doors Seattle based solutions offer a great variety of products: sliding, pocket, folding, flush, barn, panel, Dutch, blind and French doors. For example, interior French doors Seattle made would look like a frame around one or several transparent panels, usually made from a foggy or translucent material. They could be made of different styles and sizes, but the main idea of these doors is to maximize light in a […]

soundproof interior double doors

Choosing a good soundproof interior door

Soundproof interior door is a popular solid-core solution for noise control. However, are you confident how to find and choose good soundproof interior doors? It’s good to know that all soundproof interior doors home are given a sound transmission class, STC for short. This parameter measures how much sound is lost thought the door. The lower the STC is, the more sound will pass through your door, so you aim […]

decorative front doors wood

Choosing the best decorative front doors for your place

Decorative front doors are an essential part of any cosy house or a stylish mansion. It is something your guests will see first when they approach your place and have a first impression. Apart from being a part of first impressions, front exterior doors are also doing protection and security jobs. You may ask yourself, what are the important factors to take into consideration when choosing front exterior doors for […]

how to install double front entry doors

Double front entry doors – looks or functionality?

An entrance of every house is its card, so make a solid and impressive entrance with double front entry doors. The door is the first thing that visitors see approaching the house, that is why double interior doors will make the general look of the house inviting and appealing. Of course the main function of the front door is to protect house’s inhabitants, so along with the aesthetic look it […]

5 panel interior doors for sale

What to choose: repair or buy interior doors for sale?

If you made up your mind to change your home design, start from your entrance doors and interior doors for sale. You can shop at Lowe’s and Amazon: there you will find the widest choice of cheap interior doors for sale. Door jamb security and interior door repair kits for the best quality and attractive prices are presented to your choice. Door Jamb Armor set -EZA-10000 is $70, Fix-A-Jamb repair […]

interior dutch door plans

A unique country style wit interior Dutch door

An interior Dutch door is the one that splits in two part horizontally, allowing either top or bottom part be opened independently or together. Every home owner who is trying to bring some coziness and charm to their country cottage may consider installing interior split Dutch door. They have a great old-fashioned look and very functional. The origins of double Dutch door dates back to the 17th century were they […]

8 foot hollow interior doors

8 foot interior doors as the most convenient doors for any kind of a place

Do you need 8 foot interior doors for your house or apartment, cafe or store, school or kindergarten, office or something else? If you are one hundred percent sure that you need them, then you have to read this short and informative article! 8 interior doors cost not much. Their prices vary from 163 up to 560 dollars which is not too expensive. Sometimes if you get more expensive doors […]

where to buy black interior doors

Guess where to buy interior doors!!!

I know for sure that everyone thinks of where to buy interior doors at least once in his life. That’s important to set up such doors that could match your tastes and the design of your apartment or house. Your choice should be based on long and hard search of the item. The door should be made of good wood. The material ought to be worthwhile! It’s better to buy […]

interior door lever sets

Interior door levers for the easiest way of entering the doors themselves

Interior door levers are probably the essential parts of the doors. It’s evident,but convenient door levers make our lives a lot easier. It sounds funny that such a small item as a lever can influence our lives, but it’s so true. The easier the way of opening the door, the easier our everyday life. We don’t get bothered by the ideas of how to open doors. We don’t even think […]

shaker style bifold interior doors

Buy shaker style interior doors and make your inner part of the house look incredibly homely and cozy

Shaker style interior doors have always made houses look amazing inside. Would you like to change something inside of you apartment or house? Do you watch furniture and design magazines and gasp with amazement when you see shaker interior doors? If yes, then it’s time to take an action and start making your life better. Remember, life is not only about some spiritual beauty but about materialistic beauty that surrounds […]